The school has well-qualified full time physical education teachers to supervise and coordinate the various sports activities. The budding talents are given special coaching in their respective disciplines by experts and offered maximum opportunity to participate in the district and state level inter school competitions.

The students of the school have won many prizes in these competitions. Inter house sports competitions are an integral part of the curriculum and held throughout the year to promote house spirit and sportsmanship.

Learning becomes enjoyable when it is supported by activities that not only stimulate the mental faculties, but also build up the self-esteem of the students.

The School employs professionals to coach Cricket, Athletics, Football, and Basketball. The school also has a Badminton court, Basketball court as well as an indoor area for Table Tennis.

Extra-Curricular activities

Apart from academic activities the school encourages students to take part in a wide-range of extracurricular activities like music, sports, dance, theatre, publishing in-house magazines, organizing lectures and small intra school events, participating in intra and inter school competitions etc., such activities improve creativity, enhance confidence levels, inculcate discipline, enhance leadership qualities and abilities and stimulate the student to become a team player.