General Rules

  1. Student must attend the morning assembly without fail. Late comers to the school will be allowed to enter the class only with the permission of the principal.
  2. Students may be allowed to leave the school only with the permission of the principal, before or during the normal schedule.
  3. Home assignments must be done neatly and regularly and submitted on the due date.
  4. Students should not come to the school during holidays/vacation without the permission of the principal.
  5. No student or parent can arrange felicitation or offer any gift to the members of the Southside International School staff.
  6. Students are expected to greet the teacher and elders whenever the students go in groups, especially to the prayer, physical Education, & library classes.
  7. Queue habit should be followed whenever the students go in groups, especially to the prayer, Physical Education, & Library Classes. During the break and interval, the students should not shout or run here and there or play.

School Rules

  1. Students must be present in the school at 9.00a.m. Every working day unless otherwise informed.
  2. Students must come to school with neat and clean uniform and shoes.
  3. On every working day, inspection of uniform will be held. Any student found in improper uniform or dirty shoes will be punished.
  4. Students should show respect and courtesy to the elders and teachers. They should observe all formalities of good manners at all times, both inside and outside the school.
  5. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of homework, disobedience and disrespect to teachers and school authorities or abnormal behaviour would result in dismissal. Students are responsible for their conduct both inside and outside the school.
  6. Any intimation sent to the parents by the teachers or principal must be shown to the parents on the same day itself.
  7. Students are expected to speak in English in the campus.
  8. Students are not allowed to bring razor blades or any other sharp instruments to the school. No books (other than texts), calculator, magazines or newspapers are allowed inside the campus.