General Instruction to Parents

  1. Parents must ensure that children bring the dairy to school every day.
  2. Mark sheets/progress reports will be sent to the parents to be signed and returned within 3 days.
  3. Parents are requested to avoid requesting leave for their wards as far as possible. In case of absence for special reasons, leave application should be sent in writing prior to the date. In case of sickness, leave letter should be produced on the day the day the student attends school. Producing medical certificate is essential in case of long absence.
  4. Parent’s attendance at the Parents - Teachers - Association meeting is compulsory.
  5. Parents should check the diary everyday for homework and other instructions.
  6. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify in writing, of the change of address or telephone number. The school is required to keep an up to date record of such information.
  7. Parents should see that their children follow the rules and regulations of the school and ensure that their kid is in full uniform.
  8. Parents who are desirous of taking their wards home during working hours (in case of any emergency) should come in person and get permission from the principal by submitting a written request dully signed.
  9. Parents have the responsibility to notify the school when a student’s suffers from ailments like severe allergies, diabetes, heart diseases etc.