About Motto

The character of an individual is known by his ideal and the character of an institution is known by its motto. A motto is the guiding principle, it is a constant slogan reminding us of our cherished goal and we are reminded through the motto to serve and to serve even before our own self.

At Southside, we encourage our students to be good citizens. The school motto helps with that.

At Southside Matriculation Higher Secondary School, We teach our wards to acquire the essential knowledge, creativity, character and good manner.

We programme to build relationship between the property presented in the class room and the length of experiences in their lives outside the class room.

A student who completes here will gain confidence in their life, integrated knowledge about the world and full hope to lead a comfortable life.

Our combined ideas about Education motivate to gain knowledge everyday and shape him/her to become a person nowadays requirement.

Our Motto

  1. Cultivating brilliant minds
  2. Sowing the leaders for tomorrow
  3. Breeding individuality
  4. Beyond learning
  5. Nurturing an exciting future for the world
  6. To recognize talent by award.
  7. To share knowledge and capability for the benefit of the needy.
  8. To be empathetic to community by service.
  9. To join hand to serve the humanity.
“A kid who enjoys his school hood today, Becomes successful citizen tomorrow.”