In addition to acquiring knowledge, each pupil must develop certain social skills such as self-control and consideration for others.

  1. It is the duty of every student to attend school. Parents must take necessary measures to ensure that their children attend school on time and regularly. Student should follow the courses of study, confirm to the regulation of the school, obey promptly in all the directions of the teachers and principal, be diligent in studies, respectful to teachers, kind and helpful to their peers, clean and neat in habits, person and clothing and refrain from the use of profane and vulgar language.
  2. Students should be present on all school days. In case of absence, upon returning to school must furnish a written explanation for their absence signed by a parent or guardian.
  1. No student shall be permitted to leave school during hours except in case of sickness or on the basis of a written request of his/her parent.
  2. Any school property or furniture intentionally damaged or destroyed by a pupil must be paid for by the parent/ guardian. In addition, disciplinary action may be taken.
  3. Students are expected to move quickly and quietly from class to class. No running or loitering in the corridors will be tolerated.
  4. Students are prohibited from giving gifts to teachers.
  5. Students are expected to keep the school campus clean, Littering will attract penal action.
  6. The purpose of dining hall is to serve a nutritious and balanced meal. Since the dining hall is used by all, students are expected to leave it the way they would like to find it. Cleanliness, orderliness and polite behaviour are expected from all students.
  7. The school does not assume responsibility for article lost. More than reasonable allowances of money & valuables should not be brought to the school. Any loss or theft should be reported immediately to the class teacher and principal. Articles found should be handed over to the custody of the office.