Curriculum Design

We follow the Tamilnadu Government syllabus. Hindi and G.K. are taught as special subjects. Southside provides holistic education based on three major domains: Personality, Academic Strength and Communications skills.

All round development of students is ensured through two complimentary processes. Each student is assessed on the various parameters of each of the three domains. This ensures that they focus on these areas and produce creditable performances. Simultaneously, through our tutorial system each teacher and specially appointed coaching staff monitor students round the year to ensure that regular coaching and counselling is available to them.

At the beginning of the academic year, students and teachers get together and set targets for achievement in each of the parameters that are assessed. Their progress is thereafter monitored regularly right through the year by the teacher and the coach and interventions provided whenever necessary.

Utmost importance is given to the inspiring students to learn. The school firmly believes that no real learning takes place unless the teacher desires to learn.

The teachers, principal and the school management review this periodically.